Cruise Control Is Coming To The UTV Aftermarket

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MotorCycle Cruise Controls

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MotorCycle Cruise Controls (MCCruise), of Australia, has introduced a range of electronic cruise controls for ATV's and UTV's operated using throttle-by-wire technology. So far there is a part number for the Most Hondas, the Kawasaki Mule, Yamaha ATV's and the Rhino, Polaris ACE and most Sportsman and Ranger models. Prices start at around $1,000 U.S.
In addition to Cruise Control devices, the company has speed limiting moduels called SpeedSafe, that would be great for tour outfits or those teaching new riders and drivers. SpeedSafe products start at about $400.

Polaris has added a variable low speed limiter on some Sportsman Utility models while Can-Am and now Yamaha have speed keys to limit drivers speeds. This is the first DIY product you can put on any machine using throttle by wire technology.UTV Driver

MCCruise's new UTV cruise controls draw upon twenty years’ experience in supplying after-market motorcycle cruise controls to the global market. They represent leading-edge software and hardware performance, reliability, diagnostic innovation, and trouble-shooting developments. Only MCCruise kits include a fully waterproof computer module and a backlit switch developed specifically for use with motorcycle gloves. Exclusively protected by global product liability insurance, MCCruise has developed superb diagnostic tools to facilitate remote support and service and provides comprehensive, user-friendly installation instructions.

A one touch speed limit setting could come in handy for certain situations.UTV Driver

In addition to reducing hand fatigue and improving rider comfort, the benefits of MCCruise electronic cruise control include gentle, smooth transition from manual to cruise settings, optimized fuel consumption, control over safe operating speeds, and avoidance of costly speeding fines. Every MCCruise kit comes with start-to-finish sales and service support and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

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About Motorcycle Cruise Controls Headquartered in Victoria, Australia, Motorcycle Cruise Controls (MCCruise) first designed an electronic cruise control for motorcycles in 1996. Insisting on exacting performance and model-specific custom application, the company's founders, brothers Tony Guymer and Frank Guymer, began expanding their cruise control product line to now include over 150 motorcycle models and manufacturers. They continue to develop products and applications reaching new markets around the world. MCCruise has adapted its unique speed control technology for agricultural ATV, UTV (QuadCruise) and tractor use, optimizing resources and protecting crops from over-spraying. MCCruise speed limiters also deliver measurable savings to companies utilizing ATVs in their operations, such as railroads, mining companies, orchards, farms, etc., by reducing risk of operator injury and lowering insurance and vehicle maintenance costs. More information about MotorCycle Cruise Controls, its products, and corporate mission may be found at

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