Rigel II-H Kickstarter Campaign Creates Modular Helmet Light

The kit has a quick attach and detach flashlight for improved visibility.

The Rigel II-H has multiple useful functions.Rigel / Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign for a magnetic flashlight system that attaches to powersports helmets just launched. The Rigel II-H is a system designed to be quickly attached or detached from a helmet.

The campaign by Magne-Tech seeks to produce a sleek, reliable, and safe light for night riding that steps in when your headlights aren’t helpful. The patent-pending technology offers a safe, easy way to both light up the road (or trail) ahead and also have a flashlight readily on hand when needed. They claim the product is ideal for usage cases like ATV and dirt bike riding, but we expect it would work well for UTVs, too.

The Rigel II-H has multiple light modes and a variety of attachment choices. The flashlight itself is rechargeable, and uses neodymium magnets to stay attached to the surface with which it’s mated. Getting in on the Kickstarter campaign starts as low as $85 and goes up from there. We hope to see it in full production in the future.

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