2022 Polaris General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition at Durhamtown Gallery

A closer look at Polaris’ fanciest factory General.

After a day ripping around the flowing, fast trails of Georgia’s Durhamtown Off Road Resort, we stepped away with a new found appreciation for the 2022 Polaris General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition. It has always been a great machine steeped in utility and dripping with premium features. Despite its massive popularity, we weren’t prepared for how well the rig handled constant wide-open throttle, chewing through every side-by-side track Durhamtown had to offer.

Even weighing in at just over 1,800 pounds and outfitted mostly for overlanding, the General seemed unphased as we hammered it through the deep woods, flat track, and launched it off every jump. It’s not a cheap rig by any means, but it brings enough to the party to justify the ask. The 2022 Polaris General XP 1000 Trailhead Edition excels at being decent across so many different spectrums of this lifestyle.

The 2022 Polaris General Trailhead Edition is aimed squarely at the overlanding crowd, but it’s got great go-fast chops.Kevan Ray
It’s big, but with stout Walker Evans shocks, hefty sway bars, and 100 hp, the Trailhead Edition flies like a much smaller rig.Kevan Ray
Durhamtown Off Road Resort’s wide, flowing tracks and trails proved to be happy hunting grounds for the General.Kevan Ray
In two-wheel drive, the General loves to throw the back end out and execute a lovely, predictable slide. Stick it in four-wheel drive, and it does its best Audi Quattro impression, clawing forward in confident four-wheel drifts.Kevan Ray
The Trailhead’s gorgeous blue and orange livery is fantastic in person, especially when it catches the light.Kevan Ray
Jumping the General is remarkably easy, which is surprising for a rig this big.Kevan Ray
Thanks to its heft and our heavy feet, the General was thirsty at Durhamtown. Luckily, they have gas pumps on site.Kevan Ray
At Durhamtown’s hill climbs, the General proved it’s as good when the going gets steep and rutted as it is at flying along a flowing trail.Kevan Ray
With solid suspension components and as much power as the Civic you drove in high school, the General is easy to hustle along.Kevan Ray
We usually don’t wax lyrical about paint and graphics, but these are something else. They don’t just look good in pictures, either. They have a seriously high-end, premium feel.Kevan Ray
Even when stacked up next to the much quicker Polaris RZR Trail S, the General held its own on the dragstrip.Kevan Ray
At full extension and in rapid transit, the General is in its element.Kevan Ray
Speeds on the Turbo Track are such that even small hills mean wheels are coming off the ground.Kevan Ray

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