Arai GP-J3 Open-Face Automotive Helmet Photo Gallery

A visual look at Arai’s only open-face automotive sport headgear.

Arai GP-J3 Open-Face Automotive Helmet.Kevan Ray

When we told Arai we needed some new lids for an upcoming adventure in New Mexico, their answer was quick and equivocating: If we were going to be in the cage of a side-by-side, we needed fire protection. That put their regular roster of dirt bike and motorcycle helmets out of the picture immediately.

What they sent us instead was the Arai GP-J3 automotive racing helmet. It’s a three-quarter, open face design that meets Snell SA2015 safety standards, and carries Arai’s famous build quality and premium feel. We were in love immediately.

The GP-J3 comes in black or white, is equipped with anchors for head and neck restraints, and retails for $629.95. We cannot recommend it enough. Check out the gallery below to see it in all its glory.

The Arai GP-J3 helmet offers an open-face fit with the premium safety of the Snell SA2015 rating.Kevan Ray
It may look simple on the outside but the GP-J3 is packed full of impressive safety features.Kevan Ray
The adjustable visor comes with a slice of tinted plastic to help shield your vision. The top of the helmet offers four-way ventilation adjustability.Kevan Ray
M6 terminals sit on either side of the helmet and offer connection points for a variety of head and neck restraint systems.Kevan Ray
Snell and FIA ratings are noted on the rear of the helmet, and also inside under the liner.Kevan Ray
The open-face helmet doesn’t obstruct your vision while driving a side-by-side, and offers more airflow and comfort when compared to its full-face counterparts.Kevan Ray
Smooth exterior shell lines resemble an automotive rally-style helmet. The center of gravity sits as low as possible to minimize moments of inertia during an accident.Kevan Ray
The classic Arai intermediate-oval fit sits snugly on the head, working to limit hot spots.Kevan Ray
Compared to its motorcycle Snell “M” brothers, the automotive Snell “SA” helmet does more to protect your noggin from banging on roll cage bars and catching on fire during an accident where you’re strapped into the seat.Kevan Ray
Safety never looked so good and felt so great. The Arai GP-J3 open-face automotive sport helmet has an MSRP of $629.95.Kevan Ray