RLB Programmable Switch Panel

Rear Light Bar unveils new and improved Pro8 Switch Panel.

The RLB programmable switch panel.Rear Light Bar

Rear Light Bar, a company that manufactures off-road accessories, has just unveiled the new and improved Pro8 programmable switch panel. The panel comes with eight buttons and allows easy installation of any 12V accessories to UTVs, Jeeps, cars, trucks, RVs, or boats.

The Pro8 gives you easy access to the fuses and relays, making maintenance a breeze.Rear Light Bar

The Pro8 is 100 percent self-serviceable, meaning that if a relay goes bad or a fuse blows, all you have to do is open the back and replace the part. You don’t have to pack it up and ship it to be repaired or take it to a specialist to repair it. If a relay or fuse does blow, Rear Light Bar’s lifetime warranty will cover the cost of the part; just submit a claim and then RLB should ship the part to you.

RLB also made the Pro8 compatible with most vehicles with four different mounting options: flush mount, panel mount, Ram tube mount, and Ram surface mount. The switches are fully customizable as well, offering on/off, momentary, blinker, flash or strobe functions. The Pro8 can even control a full blinker kit to make your rig street legal and still have plenty of buttons left over.

The Pro8 programmable switch panel will run you $419. Go to rlbstore.com to pick up one for yourself, and get some light bars and whip lights while you’re at it.

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