Fisherman Finds Remains of a Missing ATV Rider Inside a Shark

A tattoo confirms the identity of a man found in a shark off the coast of Argentina.

Remains of the missing man were found inside a school shark on Sunday.UTV Driver

The remains of Diego Barría, a missing 32-year-old from southern Argentina, were found inside a school shark that was caught by local fishermen last weekend. Barría, who was a father of three, went missing in mid-February after last being seen riding his ATV on the coast of southern Chubut.

The ATV was recovered on February 20 with no sign of Barría. On Sunday, February 26, two fishermen made a report to the coast guard that they had found human remains inside a school shark. The remains were thought to be Barría’s, and this was confirmed when a family member recognized a tattoo. The remains will be DNA tested to verify that they belong to Barría.

Investigators’ current hypothesis is that Barría had an accident and was dragged into the water by a strong tidal surge that occurred the weekend he went missing.

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