Segway Will Introduce New Model in Aug. 24 Livestream

New model will join the Fugleman and Villain in the US market.

Segway will launch a new model next week during a public livestream.Segway

Segway has a new model coming for 2024, and plans to reveal it to the press and the public simultaneously on August 24. Instead of hosting a new model reveal for journalists and influencers, Segway is skipping the middleman and hosting a virtual reveal of its new model that will be streamed on YouTube.

Since entering the market in 2022, Segway has been making decent headway with the Fugleman utility machine and the Villain sport side-by-side, which joined the lineup for 2023. When Segway started talking about bringing side-by-sides and ATVs to market in 2021, the brand promised a hybrid powertrain would be available alongside traditional ICE drivetrains. So far, Segways have only been available with gasoline engines.

We’d put down a decent bet that the new model will carry the promised hybrid powertrain, and the teaser photo looks very similar to the front end of the Fugleman. The utility segment is huge, so a Fugleman with a little extra oomph from an electric motor would make a lot of sense. We’ll find out together next week.

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