Utah Adventure Part 2

Battle damage, trail mods, and a new trail.

We’re back in southern Utah. After bouncing down the mountain on Day 1, we took the next morning to go over the trail damage on the TukTuk. How’d the rig do after going end-over-end twice? Not as bad as we would have thought. Sure, the rear rack was trashed, the cage bent, but the old Defender was stout enough to keep running without missing a beat. We stripped off some bent bits, checked the oil, and hit the trail again.

Watch as we check out the trail damage from Hog Canyon, tweak the rear suspension on the Dirty Defender, and square off against our hardest obstacle yet: Horsepower Hill. It’s a nasty sand climb that requires some serious muscle.

Be sure to check out Our Utah Trip Was WILD Part 1 if you missed it.

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