Polaris RZR Pro R Suspension Tuning With Fox

Polaris and Fox determine the perfect tune for the Live Valve X2 shocks on the 2022 Pro R and Turbo R.

Polaris and Fox have teamed up for a video showing the best tune for the RZR Pro R’s LiveValve suspension.Polaris

This video shows what sort of steps engineers at Polaris and Fox take when testing and tweaking their suspension for the 2022 RZR Turbo R and Pro R. With the help of Fox, Polaris was able to implement better shocks with independent compression and rebound control. Taking test vehicles through chatter and whoop strips, using different handling maneuvers, and including custom data acquisition boxes to interact with the vehicle controller and calibration software help to dial in the compression and rebound of the shocks for the perfect off-road suspension calibration.

Polaris engineer Jonathon Graus says that the control system on the Dynamix-equipped RZRs has come a long way since its original release in 2017. Check out the video for the full rundown of Polaris’ shock tuning regimen.

Polaris engineers seen demonstrating the lengths to which they go to determine factory shock tune settings.Polaris

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