Ram Revolution Foreshadows Upcoming Electric Pickup for 2024

The first all-electric Ram is coming to fight Ford and Chevy.

Ram joins the EV party.Ram

Mass-produced electric pickups are an exciting proposition. Instant torque, shocking speed, and silent off-roading all have our interest piqued, but towing and hauling UTVs with an EV tow rig has us genuinely excited. With the major truck manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, it was only a matter of time before Ram joined the party.

The electric pickup craze was kicked off by the Tesla Cybertruck—which may never see the light of day, despite what the brand tells us—and then companies like Rivian helped the EV pickup become a reality. When Ford announced its Lightning and GM dropped the Silverado EV, just one major player in the pickup market was left to announce their entrant. Recently, Ram made official its intention to build an EV. The electric pickup wars are officially on.

Ram’s announced the truck as the Ram Revolution. Clever naming is part of the electric world, and reading between the lines gives us the “EV” in “Revolution.” It remains to be seen whether Ram will stick with that name, or if the truck will fall into the brand’s conventional naming scheme of 1500, 2500, and 3500. Other details on the upcoming Ram EV are light, but we expect it to compete with the Lightning and Silverado EV on performance, towing, and hauling fronts. Ram has said it plans to offer its EV pickups with a fuel cell for easy, quick, on-site refueling, but hasn’t provided any further information. Ram has stated more news on the vehicle will come this fall.