Kawasaki Announces All-New Midrange ATV

Kawasaki Breaks Into the midrange ATV market with the Brute Force 450.

Kawasaki currently only offers the Brute Force 300 and the Brute Force 750, two very different classes with nothing to offer in between.Kawasaki

At Kawasaki’s dealer meeting this week in Arizona, the company made a few huge announcements on future powersports plans. Of course, it released the long-awaited Ridge rec-ute side-by-side, but a few other vehicles caught our attention. One of those was the Kawasaki Brute Force 450, which will be the first 450cc utility ATV for the company.

Kawasaki has been making 450s for a while in its sport line with the KFX, so we were left wondering why it took this long to bring one into the lineup. Both Polaris and Can-Am have their own respective ATV in the class, so it was only right of us to assume that Kawasaki would as well.

Either way, it’s great to see giant brands like Kawasaki still active in the ATV market. We are seeing more and more startups trying to keep ATVs alive with EV technology, massive horsepower numbers, and specs that are just too good to be true. We have to take those with a grain of salt, but with Kawasaki bringing an all-new ATV to a market crowded by side-by-sides, it gives us hope for the future of the vehicles.

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