Maxxis Coronado Tire Review

Durable and predictable.

Durable and predictable

Maxxis Coronado Tire ReviewCain Smead/ Adam Campbell


here are a number of reasons people have for installing aftermarket tires on their UTV’s. Price, size and looks are some of the popular considerations. We tend to focus more on durability and proper traction.Our latest test subject is the Coronado tire from Maxxis. From the first glance of the press photos, we liked the profile and tread pattern of the Coronado so we ordered up a set of 30X10-14’s and mounted them on four Raceline wheels. The tires are 8-ply with radial construction, and each weigh 33 pounds. For this size, we have seen them priced as low as $175 each on You can also order them from your neighborhood accessory store. Maxxis gives each tire a 1135lb load rating, so they will work on the heaviest, long travel, four seat car you could build. For now, this is the biggest tire size the Coronado comes in.

A typical test for any new product we write about needs to be over 100-miles. So for these tires, we slapped a set on a 2018 Dynamix RZR XP Turbo and set out to pre run the BITD Parker 425 Off Road race. This would be a 120-mile loop through the tough Arizona desert. Typically in racing we run 20PSI. However for casual trail riding and this test we dropped them down to 15PSI.

During our 6 day test, we subjected the Coronado’s to everything from sharp rocks to thorny cactus. We couldn’t find anything to penetrate the tread patch or sidewall. We carried a spare but didn’t end up needing it.Cain Smead/ Adam Campbell

The Parker terrain was a rough mix that ranged from soft, silty, sand to sharp jagged rocks. Basically the test ended un eventful. We had zero issues or complaints. The tires deflected the rocks well and dug through the sand and tracked straight. On the slippery dust covered hard pack roads, the tires were very predictable. Even though the contact patch of the front tires ended up wider than stock due to the wide aftermarket wheels, there was no strange feedback through the steering and the tires didn’t wander or fight on any surface. This harder rubber compound and tread patten doesn’t glue to the dirt but it does allow the vehicle go where you point it.

In the sand, the tires could hold their own and didn’t wonder. For pure sand driving, we would probably air down to about 8 PSI for a bit more floatation.Cain Smead/ Adam Campbell

Unless you have a specific need for sticky traction such as Rally or Short Course racing, letting the vehicle slide more, reduces wear on wheel bearings, bushings and ball joints. This tire does exactly that. After the tires sat for a day, there were no pressure drops, cracks or holes. In fact, after more inspection, there was virtually no wear on the knobs at all.

Maxxis is the number one brand choice for OEM’s to equip new UTVs and ATVs. They also have a huge line of aftermarket tires worth looking at after you find a reason to replace the stockers.Cain Smead/ Adam Campbell

To see if we could actually get some noticeable wear, we loaded the RZR XP Dynamix up and headed for Baja and joined on a trip. This test was a 1100-mile off road tour from Ensenada down to Todo Santos, just North of Cabo San Lucas. Here, there was more rocks, sand and a ton of loose dirt roads. Additionally, we encountered a variety cactus and some very rough sections of broken pavement. Again, the tire performed predictably and flawless at speeds ranging from 30MPH up to 80MPH. Not only did this five-day test produce zero punctures, again tire wear was almost non existent. On the front two tires, you could still see the steps that define the top 2mm of the lugs. The rear tires did have that section buffed down but barely. So after, over 1200 miles, less than 2mm of tire wear was measured and zero, leaks, flats or balancing issues were found. We are blown away at the durability of this product. Overall the handling was about as predictable as it gets. If your are like us and want predictable handling and a tire that will probably outlast the machine you are putting them on, you should consider a set of Maxxis Coronado tires for any brand UTV.