How HARD Can the Kawasaki KRX4 FLEX?!

Check out how the 2023 Kawasaki KRX4 performed on our RTI ramp!

The all-new Kawasaki KRX4 is here and it’s ready to impress. We’re just a few trail rides in and the rig has already captured our hearts, so we figured it was time to get some testing in to cement our opinions. The KRX4 is somewhat famed for its suspension, having one of the best setups available right now, so why not throw it on the RTI ramp for its maiden test?

The RTI ramp tests a vehicle’s articulation by driving it up the ramp until another wheel comes off the ground. The length traveled up the ramp is then put into a formula with the rig’s wheelbase and spits out a score. How well does the KRX4 handle the ramp? Check out our YouTube to find out.

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