2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP, Pro XP 4 Recall

Turbos could cause potential fire hazard on some Pro XP models.

Recall issued on June 8, 2021.Polaris

Polaris has issued a stop sale and stop ride for some 2021 RZR Pro XP and RZR Pro XP 4 models. According to Polaris’s official statement, some models could have a raised edge inside the turbocharger at the oil supply line sealing surface. This edge could cause an oil leak during some situations resulting in a potential fire hazard while the unit is hot.

While the number of affected vehicles is relatively low at approximately 2,000, consumers should still check their VIN to see if their vehicle is affected by this recall. If your vehicle is under recall, we recommend you stop using it until a fix can be made.

Currently, Polaris does not have a repair procedure identified for this RZR Pro XP recall. Engineers continue to evaluate the issue and will notify customers, and dealerships, once repair information and parts become available.

UTV Driver testing the 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 at Windrock Park.Kevan Ray

Check your VIN by visiting the Polaris Off-Road Safety Recalls Page or by calling Polaris at (800) 765-2747. You can also contact your local Polaris dealership for more information.