2022 Can-Am Defender and Commander Get New Engines

More power brings more capability to the Can-Am lineup.

With 52 hp, the new Rotax HD7 provides a big performance boost to the most affordable Defender.Can-Am

Can-Am is going big on horsepower for the 2022 model year. The company becomes the first to break into the 200 hp realm with new Maverick X3, and new HD7 and HD9 engines are bringing massive power boosts to the Commander and Defender lineups as well.

The HD7 arrives as a replacement for the HD5 engine and can be found in the Defender along with the new Commander 700 and Maverick Trail 700. Can-Am is claiming “37 percent more power” and a more performance-oriented tune. Other improvements include reduced noise and vibration, and is said to run cooler as well. According to the specs page on the Can-Am Defender website, that new HD7 is making 52 hp.

Extra power means better capability for hauling your gear anywhere you need to.Can-Am

The Rotax HD9 for the Defender is said to provide a boost of 30 percent over the outgoing HD8, and again we have some data listed on the website that claims 65 raging ponies and 59 pound-feet of torque. If you want the most power available, the HD10 engine is still your top option at 82 hp and 69 pound-feet of twist. Overall we are looking at solid upgrades across the Can-Am lineup if you want a more work-focused rig.

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