Watch the 2022 Polaris Ranger EV Do Work

Want to see the electric Ranger pull a one-ton pickup?

2022 Polaris Ranger EV.Polaris

Last week, we told you we got the chance to see the 2022 Polaris Ranger EV as it towed a one-ton pickup and a fifth-wheel enclosed trailer across flat ground. Now, Polaris has released a video of that same demonstration. In it, you see the upcoming electric Ranger side-by-side play around in the dirt, scrambling up an embankment, sliding around in the gravel, and playing on a teter. There’s also a quick clip of the machine pulling more than 7,000 pounds worth of truck and trailer.

Polaris knows it has an uphill battle when it comes to convincing buyers that an electric rig can have all of the performance and capability we’ve come to expect from our utility side-by-sides, and stunts like these are the first step in showing us exactly what’s possible with a battery pack and an electric motor. While an electric UTV won’t be for everyone, a machine like the Ranger EV can suit plenty of buyers just fine, especially if you don’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to payload or towing capacity.

We won’t have official Ranger EV specs for a while longer, so details like battery pack size, range, payload, towing capacity, and weight are still up in the air. But we do know that the vehicle will be available starting in December, so we won’t have much longer to wait before we know all there is to know about the electric Ranger. Until then, check out the video and gallery below.