2022 Yamaha Viking and Viking VI

New colors and standard equipment come to Yamaha’s workhorse.

2022 Yamaha Viking VI Ranch Edition.Yamaha

Yamaha has pulled the sheets back on the 2022 Viking and Viking VI, and while buyers can expect to see a familiar machine, new colors and standard equipment have shown up for the upcoming year. The Viking gets its power from the same 689cc single-cylinder engine paired with a CVT gearbox and a capable four-wheel-drive system. Drivers can select from two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive limited slip, and a locking differential is standard. So is electric power steering (EPS).

2022 Yamaha Viking.Yamaha

All of that means you’ll find the same 600-pound bed capacity and 1,500-pound towing capacity as last year. There are a few changes though, and those start with price. The base 2022 Viking EPS has gone up $100 from 2021, to $13,899. Opting for Realtree Edge camouflage will see the price step up to $14,299.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Viking and Viking VI Ranch Editions add some flare with Copper Metallic painted bodywork and matching interior. The trim also throws in the excellent rearview mirror for the RMAX along with underseat storage, cast aluminum wheels, a more comfortable steering wheel, fender flares, and a rear grab bar. All of that will set you back $14,599.

2022 Yamaha Viking Ranch Edition.Yamaha