Homemade Trail-Trimming Trailer

This crafty UTV owner has had enough with overgrown trails.

Work smart not hard.Camarata Property Maintenance YouTube Channel

Camarata Property Maintenance is at it again. This time it is playing with side-by-sides. We all know the feeling of bombing down a dense forest trail only to be whacked in the face by overgrown weeds and bushes. And if you’re leading the charge, you’ll be snagging all the spider webs. None of it is remotely pleasant.

Andrew Camarata owns and operates a property maintenance company near the Catskills in New York state. He was recently tasked with cleaning up a small trail system. In his latest YouTube video he documents how he built a work-smart-not-hard trailer to simplify the task.

This relatively simple little trailer has two primary goals: To trim vegetation growth on UTV trails and stay together. Andrew starts from scratch and builds a stout utility trailer for the job over the course of 25 YouTube minutes. Skip to the 26-minute mark if you just want to see this amazing piece of engineering wreck some trails behind his Kawasaki KRX 1000. While it’s only version number one in what we suspect will be many, we’re definitely here for it.

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