Baja Legend Jorge Enrique “Coco” Corral, of Coco’s Corner, Passes Away

Coco was a Baja fixture for decades.

Jorge Enrique “Coco” Corral at his home in Baja.Facebook

Baja fixture Jorge Enrique “Coco” Corral passed away at his home this week, according to Mexican news outlet El Vigia. The man behind Coco’s Corner, an outpost miles from pavement south of San Felipe, Coco welcomed visitors from around the world with cold water, cheap beer, and a wide personality, his home decorated with a slew of race memorabilia and signed ladies’ undergarments. You hadn’t been to Baja until you’d shaken Coco’s calloused hand.

Coco had always seemed ancient, his gruff grin and close-cropped white hair seemingly unchanging for the better part of 20 years. Maybe that’s why his passing comes as such a shock. Not because he was old, but because he seemed as immortal as the peninsula itself.

According to a post on the Coco’s Corner Facebook Page, Coco passed away in his back field, tending to a very special corner of that very special desert.

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