BRP Posts Single-Quarter Revenue Record

The company’s Q2 revenue was up 28 percent over the same quarter of last year.

BRP broke its single-quarter record.BRP

BRP, parent company of Can-Am, reported last week that it broke its own single-quarter earnings record in Q2, bringing in $2.439 billion. That is a 28 percent increase over the same quarter last year. BRP broke the news in a press release on its corporate site. You don’t need a business degree to know that those are fantastic financial results.

The record is even more impressive given ongoing supply chain issues, inflation, and difficulty maintaining dealer stock. There is still high demand for the company’s products, which led to positive financial outcomes. BRP reported a normalized earnings before taxes, fees, and costs of $418 million, and an increase in retail sales in Q2.

“We delivered record second quarter results while continuing to advance on our strategic initiatives. Our team’s agility and resilience and the strength of our portfolio allowed us to continue to deliver robust performance in this unique operating environment,” said José Boisjoli, BRP president and CEO. “As we are entering the second half of the year, demand for our products continues to be strong across our portfolio of products and markets. With current improvements in supply chain and our additional production capacity, we are in a favorable position to deliver an expected record second half of the year.”

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