Can-Am Says Go Off-Roading on October 8

October 8 is International Off-Road Day, and Can-Am wants you on the trail.

Can-Am’s International Off-Road Day exclamation is one of many good reasons to head outside.Can-Am

If you need an excuse to hit the trails, Can-Am has got you covered. On Friday, October 8, before winter falls upon the Northern Hemisphere and the sun bears down on the Southern, Can-Am is giving everyone a chance to play by proclaiming the day International Off-Road Day. “Let’s come together and celebrate the lifestyle and the off-road experiences that make us happy,” said Julie Tourville, Can-Am director of global marketing. “It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive—just get out and ride, and be thankful for the land, the trails, the fun, and of course, the vehicles that get the job done in some of the harshest conditions out there.”

Can-Am aims to celebrate both recreational and competitive off-roading, encouraging weekend warriors and professional racers alike to spend the day on loose surfaces. On the professional racing side, Can-Am is hosting events with racers such as Corry Weller, Dustin Jones, and Ken Block.

A glimpse at what to expect at Trail Hero, wall scaling as seen at the Trail Hero 2016.Trail Hero

Trail Hero 2021 in Sand Hollow State Park will be home to one of Can-Am’s events. Hurricane, Utah, is home to the thousands of off-roading acres encapsulated inside of Sand Hollow State Park and will be one of many locations where Can-Am will be found spreading the off-road word.

For those interested in learning more about Trail Hero, registration information can be found here.

To keep up to date on the day’s happenings, Can-Am is encouraging riders to use the hashtag #InternationalOffRoadDay. Wherever you decide to go and if you decide to hashtag or not, make sure to get your pre-winter season riding in these coming weekends.