Carlisle Tires Introduces 489 XD and Dura Trail UTV Tires

The two new tires are geared specifically toward side-by-sides.

Carlisle’s new Dura Trail UTV tireCarlstar Group

Unsung hero of the tire world, Carlisle has launched two new tires geared specifically toward UTVs: the 489 XD and the Dura Trail. Both tires are designed for added durability and traction to combat the higher stress and weight of UTVs.

Carlisle’s new 489 XD is a take on an old favorite, the 489. Long a go-to for a do-it-all tire that’s relatively inexpensive and capable of conquering most terrains, the 489 has always been a solid choice but faltered under the heavy weights of UTVs and the loads these machines subject the tires to. Enter the 489 XD, with an eight-ply carcass and 3/4-inch-deep V-shaped lugs designed to help the tire clear mud, snow, soft pack, and so on. The 489 XD is made in the USA and is available in the usual assortment of 25-inch through 27-inch sizes.

Carlisle has also added the Dura Trail to its lineup of powersports tires. It, too, is an eight-ply rubber and is a radial for improved comfort and durability. Carlisle says that it has a “trail-compliant ride,” and that the wraparound lugs help protect the shoulder of the tire. There’s also a “super-deep rim guard” to help ward off anything that may impact the lip of the wheel. The Dura Trail is available in standard 25-inch through 27-inch sizes.