Cummins Previews Hydrogen Future With 15.0-Liter Engine

The diesel brand looks to alternative fuels to reduce greenhouse gases.

Cummins’ new hydrogen engine promises big power.Cummins

Images of high-powered or high-mileage Dodge Ram pickups likely come to mind when most people hear the name Cummins. Thanks to their longevity and strength, they’ve grown a massive following. Now, Cummins has released info on a planned 15.0-liter, hydrogen-powered engine that will allow the company to stick with its roots and clean up emissions at the same time.

Taking to the ACT Expo to reveal its monster, Cummins has used a new “fuel-agnostic platform” that shares common parts between a range of engines using different fuels. Testing on the hydrogen powerplant has been underway since 2017, and Cummins is quoting more than 290 hp and 810 pound-feet of torque from a medium-duty, 6.7-liter engine.

Cummins expects the engine to be in production by 2027.

“We’ve established significant goals as part of our PLANET 2050 sustainability strategy, including a target of zero emissions,” said Srikanth Padmanabhan, Cummins’ president of engine business. “Reducing well-to-wheels carbon emissions requires innovation of both energy sources and power solutions. While use cases for battery electric and fuel cell electric powertrains are promising, the pairing of green hydrogen in the proven technology of internal combustion engines provides an important complement to future zero emissions solutions.”

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