Garmin Launches inReach Messenger and Garmin Messenger App

A standalone device and companion app expand communication capabilities.

The combination of inReach Messenger and Garmin Messenger app allow for new ways of off-grid communication.Garmin

Sometimes our off-road adventures take us to places with little to no cell service, and it’s in instances like these that having reliable backup communication is vital. Garmin is one of our go-to companies for tools to serve in cases like this, and the company is expanding its line of comms equipment. The new inReach Messenger and Garmin Messenger companion app bring new devices and support to the company’s assortment of potentially life-saving kit.

The inReach Messenger, a standalone device that allows for text messaging when outside of cell service, features global two-way texting, location sharing, SOS capabilities, and more. Garmin claims the impact-resistant device has 28 days of battery life, can fit in your hand, and can also be used to replenish a cell phone’s battery enough to provide a “Safety Charge” and subsequently send a message through the Garmin Messenger app.

Speaking of the Garmin Messenger app, Garmin announced the software alongside the inReach Messenger that it supports. It automatically chooses between Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite connectivity so as to ensure no message goes without being sent or received. Users can continue conversations on the app when at home, too. Together, the inReach Messenger and Messenger App can not only send messages, but also allow users to send an SOS message to the 24/7 staffed Garmin International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

Those interested in these products can visit Garmin’s website for more information on both the inReach Messenger and Garmin Messenger app.