Graft EV XC.24 All-Electric UTV

A unique way of looking at the future of our industry.

While it appears to take more design queues from a circle track car, we’d certainly get behind the wheel of this rad electric rig.Graft EV

Graft EV has debuted its all-electric XC.24 UTV concept. It’s a rather unique glimpse into the future of our sport and the industry as a whole. The company is based out of Taiwan but run by an American with quite an impressive engineering résumé with stints at Tesla and NASA. According to Graft’s website, “The entire Graft range is handcrafted by a small team of engineers and riders who pour their attention to detail and passion for driving into each and every build.” It’s clear Graft is posed to create some top-notch electric vehicles.

The XC.24 seats one inside a fully caged chassis, similar to the Polaris RS1 but more like a go-kart. It has four independently controlled 80-kilowatt electric motors at each wheel. Each pumps out an instant 105 hp anytime the onboard controller calls for it.

Graft claims every rig will come with premium three-way-adjustable suspension, dual batteries, a brilliant LCD infotainment touchscreen, 4130 chromoly steel frame, and zero maintenance. That last is the most interesting part of electric side-by-sides. With no engine, no coolant, no fuel, no transmission, and regenerative braking, maintenance requirements are dramatically reduced.

This particular model isn’t crafted to hit the gnarly trails, deep mud ruts, or massive dunes we so often enjoy; it’s more meant for an introduction to the lifestyle. Its small dimensions mean you can load it into the bed of any half-ton pickup truck for a weekend of fun on tame trails. It also looks like it would be a perfect tool for a new class of closed-course racing.

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