High Lifter Launches Wheel Alignment Kit for ATVs and UTVs

The do-it-yourself tool kit makes a difficult process easy.

High Lifter’s new kit comes with everything needed to perform an at-home alignment.High Lifter

Getting an alignment just right can be extremely tricky. It usually proves a frustrating, nuanced process that carries extreme consequences if you mess up. Misaligned tires can cause bad handling, abnormal tire wear, and damaged suspension and steering components. Knowing the importance of getting your machine’s alignment just right, High Lifter has launched a Wheel Alignment Kit that allows you to perfect your vehicle’s geometry.

High Lifter’s new alignment tools make getting it right easy.High Lifter

The $139.95 kit comes with everything you need to align your ATV or UTV. It includes two tape measures, two hub plates, and a digital angle gauge. That’s all you need to set camber and toe on most machines. It’s going to take time and patience to get right, but High Lifter has designed its offering to eliminate any of the difficulties or variables that may cause an imperfect alignment.

There are endless reasons you might need to realign your rig, but you can bet on doing it every time you replace suspension, drivetrain, or steering parts. The alignment can also be thrown off by an impact with a rock or tree, or by components loosening up over time. Either way, we highly recommend making sure your ATV or UTV’s alignment is correct, and the new High Lifter kit looks to be an easy way to do so.