Is Kawasaki Making a Four-Seat KRX?

Before you get excited, here’s what we know.

The all-new, 4 seat Kawasaki KRX.Kawasaki

A photo posted on Facebook by UTVUnderground has shown us a new four-seater KRX. Yes, you read that right. A four-seat option for our 2021 Editor’s Choice side-by-side? Sign us up. Details are sparse at the moment, but the image shows a rig with plenty of ground clearance but no beadlock wheels. Judging by the graphics, the machine will be called the 2023 Kawasaki Teryx KRX4 1000. There’s a mouthful.

The Facebook post revealing the KRX.UTVUnderground

Right now, we know the four-seat KRX was probably not supposed to be revealed this early; Kawasaki had announced plans to reveal more 2023 models in June, and this may be one of those units. Photos on the company’s website show something with a very similar profile lurking under a cover. Until the launch all we can do is wait and try not to get too excited.

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