Lucas Oil Unveils Side-by-Side Lubricants

Engine oil, transmission fluid, and gear oil designed for your side-by-side.

Lucas Oil now offers a full line of side-by-side-specific lubricants.Lucas Oil

The engineers at Lucas have been busy. The company just debuted a full line of side-by-side-specific lubricants, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and differential gear oil. The engine oil is fully synthetic or a synthetic blend depending on the weight, and Lucas says it offers something for almost all modern UTVs.

More importantly, Lucas now makes a transmission fluid specifically for Polaris side-by-sides. Lucas says the fluid meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications for units like the ACE, Ranger, and RZR. It also reduces shock load and won’t shear thin, which means you’ll have the same viscosity from the second it leaves the bottle to the moment you drain it from your gearbox on the next fluid change.

Lucas didn’t stop there. The company’s also producing gear oil for transfer cases and front and rear differentials. The front-differential oil is aimed at Polaris units as a direct replacement for Demand Drive fluid. Lucas claims it should help reduce clutch clatter and wear, and ensures quick engagement. Head over to the Lucas site to learn more.

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