Mahindra and Intimidator UTVs Recalled for Crash Hazards

The throttle cable can freeze and seatbelt software is glitchy.

Mahindra and Intimidator UTVs are being recalled for crash-hazard

Mahinda and Intimidator UTVs are being recalled by the Intimidator brand, effective June 9. Around 16,000 units are subject to the recall, which addresses two separate issues.

The first complication is that the throttle cable can freeze in low temperatures. This means the throttle sticks open, in turn causing the brakes to fail. Additionally, some 2022 Intimidator GC1K vehicles have a software issue where the 15 mph speed limiter that kicks in when the seatbelt is unbuckled does not function.

CPSC notes that the serial range of the affected Mahindra vehicles is 000000 through 010545. Affected models are a variety of Intimidator vehicles, including the GC1K Classic, Crew, and Truck; 750 Classic, Crew, and Truck; 800 Classic, Crew, and Enforcer; 1000 Series Diesel Classic, Crew, and Truck. On the Mahindra side, vehicles affected by the recall include some 750 Classic, Crew, and Truck models; TGB Classic and Crew; 1000 Diesel Classic, Crew, and Truck. Years vary, so be sure to check the serial number.

Owners looking to determine whether their machine is subject to this recall can do so on Intimidator’s website. More information regarding these recalls can be found at

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