Lifted Corvair Rescues Maverick X3 Max Turbo

When disaster strikes, it’s generally best to leave extraction to the professionals.

This precarious situation unfolded outside of Duck Creek Village, Utah.Screen capture courtesy of Matt’s Off Road Recovery YouTube

In the latest Matt’s Off-Road Recovery video, a stranded Can-Am Maverick X3 driver is hanging off the side of a mountain cliff in southern Utah. What appears to be a mostly stock Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X Turbo has nearly been swallowed by a trail washout just north of Duck Creek Village. As the recovery team rolls up we can see that the driver definitely did right by calling in the professionals.

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery demonstrating proper recovery technique.Screen capture courtesy of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery YouTube

Matt quickly deploys an up-slope pulley winch recovery to the front of the Maverick X3 in hopes of extracting the side-by-side from the earthy crevasse. Unfortunately, the high desert doesn’t offer many solid winch points so a lone tree is subjected to the duty of winch anchor. After a few attempts they decide to deviate from the original plan and punt to a rear pull with the highly modified Corvair.

We’re not sure which is longer, the X3 Max or the Corvair.Screen capture courtesy of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery YouTube

A steady hand, proper winching, and careful planning sees a happy ending to this near disaster as the Corvair slowly drags the Maverick out of the rut. Despite how well equipped these rigs now come from the manufacturer, it’s still a good idea to avoid holes that can swallow you whole. If you do find yourself in a precarious situation, such as this, remember that calling the professionals is always an option.