Optima Introduces Lithium-Ion Powersport Batteries for 2023

Lightweight power for your rig.

Optima Orange Top lithium-ion powersport batteries.Optima

We’ve long been fans of Optima batteries, turning to the ubiquitous Red Top for personal projects for years. Now the company has announced it’s getting into the lithium-ion game with its new Orange Top series designed specifically for powersports applications. Optima says the new line is vibration resistant, significantly lighter than lead-acid alternatives, and is IP67 rated, which means they should stand up to all the dust and water we typically throw at our rigs.

More importantly, the batteries come with Optima’s Powerlink system, which helps control the battery, and provides a handy place to connect a charger. Finally, the Orange Tops use the company’s CPR system, which automatically detects parasitic loads and isolates the battery when the vehicle isn’t in use, reserving enough power to start your engine.

The Orange Top comes in 190, 380, and 420 cold-cranking amp iterations, weighing 1.7, 2.2, and 3.0 pounds, respectively. The new line of batteries should hit shelves early next year.

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