Polaris and Draco Team Up for Ice Cream Truck UTV

The build was done for the Mint 400 off-road race.

Ice cream and a Polaris UTV. What more could you need?Draco

We’re all for cool builds and we can certainly say this one is “cool.” Minty, even. This build’s light green paint is representative of the event for which it was built: the Mint 400 off-road race. And to take the tie-in further, it’s a mint chocolate chip theme because this rig, co-built by Polaris and upfitter Draco UTV, is actually an ice cream truck.

The build was announced on Draco’s Instagram account earlier this month. Draco said Polaris approached them and asked for help creating a custom side-by-side for handing out ice cream at shows, events, and races. Draco took the opportunity to showcase its new utility bed that the brand co-developed with Stryker Mfg. Inside the mint green cargo box live three refrigerated coolers and two Polaris-sourced generators to keep the ice cream frozen. The setup can also provide power for other tools and accessories. Draco didn’t stop there, and decked out the ice cream UTV with other trick features like a Rockford Fosgate sound system, KC lights, PRP seats, EFX tires, and Black Rhino wheels. It’ll transport snacks to anywhere the driver wants and look good doing so.

This is certainly a different build from what we’re used to seeing for off-road events and we dig the creativity in the paint scheme and rig’s purpose. The Mint 400 happened already but keep an eye out for this machine at events. And be sure to get a free ice cream.