Polaris Teams up With Qmerit for Ranger Kinetic Charging

The new Ranger XP Kinetic can take advantage of Level 2 charging with this new streamlined solution.

No liquid fuel required. Simply plug it in while you’re working on other chores.Polaris Inc.

Polaris has entered a partnership with Qmerit to help buyers of the 2022 Polaris Ranger Kinetic speed up at-home charging. Qmerit boasts the country’s widest network of installers of at-home EV charging systems. The goal is a premium solution for Ranger XP Kinetic customers to charge their new electric vehicles at home. “Making ownership easy extends beyond the engineering and design of our vehicles,” said Mike Donoughe, chief technical officer and head of electrification at Polaris.

The new 2022 Ranger XP Kinetic comes standard with a Level 1/Level 2 charging cord that allows owners to plug in their UTV to any standard 120-volt or 240-volt home outlet. The 240-volt option will provide the fastest rate of charging. That’s where Qmerit comes in.

Green power to work your land makes a ton of sense.Polaris Inc.Polaris Inc.

“We are delighted to work with Polaris to deliver a seamless installation of Level 2 charging at the homes of powersports owners all over the United States,” said Ken Sapp, senior vice president of business development at Qmerit. “Polaris vehicles have allowed people to work and play outside for more than 65 years and now we’re helping them continue to do the activities they love doing while making the switch to electric effortless.”

Local electric utility companies will also be happy as more powersports owners start to shift to electric solutions. As with a smartphone, EV owners tend to plug in their vehicles at night so they’re ready to go the next day. This helps draw power off the electrical grid at night when there’s typically an excess that goes to waste. And let’s not forget owners can also have solar systems installed to charge their Ranger XP Kinetic completely off grid.

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