1,100 HP Polaris RZR Drag Races the Hoonicorn

2JZ UTV versus the lunacy of Ken Block’s 1,400 hp Mustang.

The Hoonicorn takes on a 1,100 hp Polaris RZR.Hoonigan/YouTube

We’re all for a good car versus UTV drag race, but while our experience is in stock off-road machines versus stock street machines, Hoonigan has done what it does best and given viewers a thoroughly wild spectacle. In this episode of Hoonicorn vs. the World, it pits the eponymous car against a massively modified Polaris RZR with a Toyota Supra engine.

This is truly a crazy matchup. In one corner, we have the reigning champ: Ken Block and Hoonigan’s Ford Mustang build, the infamous Hoonicorn. The V2 RTR iteration has a 410ci Roush Yates Ford V-8 that features a twin-turbo Garrett setup and Switzer Dynamics intake which produces 1,400 hp. Power is sent to all four wheels via a Sadev system, and there’s now paddle shifters to ease shifting. The Hoonicorn has Toyo R888R tires at all four corners and a special “weight reduction” in the form of Block’s 14-year-old daughter Lia behind the wheel. That’s right: 14 years old and 1,400 hp. Simply poetic.

In the other corner of this fight is a Polaris RZR, but not just any RZR: SxSBlog’s “2JP” build. It started life as an RZR and now is a mashup of Polaris frame and bodywork with a billet Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline six-cylinder engine that makes a massive 1,100 hp. This monster ran the quarter-mile in 8.14 seconds and can hit 170 mph. The 2JP has skinnies up front, enormous drag slicks out back, and a classic Jurassic Park paint scheme. It looks like a riot.

We won’t spoil the outcome of the race for you, so take your best guess and watch as these two mad machines battle it out on the dragstrip.