Are the Polaris Pro R’s Torque Specs Wrong?

Damages to wheel studs due to overtightening say so.

An extremely high lug nut torque spec could be damaging Pro R wheel studs.Zach Bowman

What’s going on with the Polaris RZR Pro R’s torque specs? Recently, Pro R owners have been complaining that their wheel studs have been stretching and breaking for no apparent reason. All lugs were torqued to spec, so what’s the issue?

Well, when we take a look at the torque specs for the lug nuts, something sticks out. The recorded lug nut torque spec is 148 ft.-lb. Anyone who is familiar with lug nut torque specs knows that they usually sit around 60–110 ft.-lb. The Pro R’s lug nut torque spec seems to be way higher than it should be, and might be causing the problems with the wheel studs.

The Polaris RZR Pro R wheel torque specs.Polaris

If we look right under the lug nut spec, we see the hub retaining nut torque spec, which is 88.5 ft.-lb. Again, this number seems off. We suspect that somehow, these two numbers got switched around, and the actual lug nut torque specs are 88.5 ft.-lb. We even looked at the specs for our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 and it recommends 74 ft.-lb., which is half of what Polaris recommends for the Pro R.

We’ve reached out to Polaris for a comment on this issue and will give an update when we hear back. For now, you might want to watch out for how tight your lug nuts are.

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