Polaris Teases Unreleased 2022 RZR

Could this finally be the new Turbo S model we’ve been waiting for?

“11.9.21 #LiveWideOpen”Image Source: facebook.com/PolarisRZR

Polaris just dropped a huge bomb on its social media feed in the form of a heavily manipulated photo featuring the silhouettes of two performance-oriented side-by-sides. The photo in question gives a few clues as to what we’re possibly looking at, but the post itself is marked only “11.9.21 #LiveWideOpen” with no other information.

We can clearly see these are RZR units, thanks to the first clue enhanced on the two-seater machine’s door. An RZR model to be released to the world for 2022, no doubt.

The second vehicle’s silhouette has a third roof pillar, indicating a four-seat model. We can even see side mirrors jutting out from a frame that looks to be from the XP Pro family. Additionally, while we can’t see the headlights, the taillights also resemble XP Pro kit.

The largest clue we’re seeing are the tires. It seems ITP Coyotes are back, following their appearance on the Turbo S and Turbo 4 S RZRs. These tires, according to ITP’s website, are specifically designed for high-horsepower side-by-side and UTV applications.

Could these be the new wide-body Turbo RZRs we’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting? Special-edition XP Pro models for 2022? Perhaps even an all-new model that’s never been seen before? Only time will tell. Whatever it is, we’re here for it. We can’t wait to bring you all the juicy details.