Rindev Promises Long-Range Electric Side-By-Side

The Colorado startup promises a high-performance, long-range side-by-side.

Rindev promises outstanding power, range, and performance.Rindev

As if the future of side-by-sides wasn’t exciting enough, another contestant has entered the ring. Colorado’s Rindev startup recently announced it will build an electric UTV, and we can’t help but fawn over the promised specifications. The upcoming UTV is named Unity, and the side-by-side boasts numbers that would make a car manufacturer weak in the knees: 507 hp, 812 pound-feet of torque, 21 inches of suspension travel both front and rear, 3,000 pounds of towing capacity, standard HVAC, and up to 350 miles of range.

Electric side-by-sides are the hottest news of the moment and Rindev clearly seeks to capitalize on a quickly expanding market. As per the Rindev website, pricing will start at $29,999. It’s a big number, but one that doesn’t seem outrageous given the price of a fully optioned Can-Am or Polaris four-seater. While we have only seen teaser images of the Unity, the styling looks reminiscent of the recently departed Polaris RZR Turbo S. It’s a good place to be for a company’s first swing.

Even in teaser form, images of the Rindev Unity look promising.Rindev

And while looks are one thing, the aforementioned statistics are absolutely outstanding. Rindev does not provide an estimated weight at the moment, but we would not be surprised to hear that the Unity is the quickest UTV available on its release. The claimed 507 hp towers over the next-highest rating, courtesy of Can-Am’s 200 hp Maverick X3, and we all know that electric power hits hard and makes a vehicle quick off the line.

Given nothing is certain until we see more than proof of concept, but we’re holding our breath in hopes that the Rindev Unity is a reality. If it becomes so, this should be one of the most exciting, most extreme UTVs on sale, if not the most exciting and most extreme. Here’s to hoping the Unity UTV materializes into everything Rindev is promising.