Speed UTV Releases Videos of Running Preproduction Units

The Gordon family shows off preproduction rigs in the latest development videos.

Speed UTV El Jefe striking a pose in the southern Arizona desert during development testing.Image Source: Speed UTV YouTube

The Speed UTV crew have been busy. Last weekend they showcased near-production-level vehicles railing around the southern Arizona desert before a trip up to the Sand Hollow UTV Takeover in Hurricane, Utah.

The clip begins with a road-legal trip out to the testing ground via Arizona highways. If you’ve witnessed one of these side-by-sides in person, it’s easy to get a sense of scale while watching the four-seat Speed UTV El Jefe stretch across a normal highway lane.

We then cut to the early morning Lake Havasu desert. A simple chase video shows off the visual cues concerning handling, suspension performance, and exterior design. We also get a good showcasing of the auditory aspects of the machine. The exhaust note is filled with a sense of Baja race goodness.

Fast-forward a few days and we get an epic video drop from Sand Hollow where Speed UTV competes in the UTV Takeover Huckfest with its El Diablo rig. While no details are given, it’s clear from how composed the landing was that the machines are well designed and ready to tackle some serious obstacles. Click through to watch the videos on Speed UTV’s YouTube feed.