Toyota Recalls 2022 Tundra for Rear Axle Nut Issue

Nearly 50,000 vehicles may have loose fasteners that could lead to separation.

Toyota is recalling the 2022 Tundra.Toyota

Toyota is recalling 46,176 of its 2022 Tundras. The recall filing states there is a possibility that the rear axle fasteners and nuts could loosen up, resulting in worsened comfort and an elevated crash risk. Instructions for a fix have been sent to dealers, and owners will soon receive notice.

The rear axle nuts may come loose on some 2022 Toyota Tundras.NHTSA

Toyota announced the recall June 24. Consumer Reports notes that 46,176 Tundras total were recalled, of which 44,928 are non-hybrid models built between November 2, 2021, and June 13, 2022, plus 1,248 Tundra Hybrids built between March 15, 2022, and June 7, 2022. The recall is to fix axle flange nuts. Toyota states that they can loosen up and eventually fall off, which in turn means the axle can separate from its housing. The consequences are unpleasant noises, a leaking differential, increased vibrations, and—in the worst case—a crash.

Owners will be notified of the recall by mail starting July 15, and the repair will be done free of charge. New specifications have been issued to Toyota dealers, providing a remedy for vehicles subject to the problem. The fix is for Toyota technicians to tighten the axle nuts to the correct spec, and replace axle-related components if necessary depending on the results of the inspection.

The recall falls under NHTSA campaign number 22V445, which corresponds with Toyota recall number 22TA05. Owners can check if their vehicle is subject to the recall by going to the NHTSA website, and those with vehicles affected by the issue can call the Toyota Brand Engagement Center (1-800-331-4331) for customer support.