Preorders Flood in for the Volcon Stag Electric UTV

Volcon says Stag preorders show $70 million revenue potential.

The Waterproof Electric Drivetrain will get you through puddles and creeks without issue.Volcon

Volcon opened preorders for the Stag UTV on July 1, and says that if it were to convert all of its $100, non-binding preorders into sales, it would move about 1,750 units. In other words, the Stag could bring in $70 million in revenue. And Volcon still hasn’t sold out of preorders.

Volcon ePowersports builds all-electric, off-road powersport vehicles, first hitting the gravel with the Grunt, an electric mini moto that is easy to operate and purpose-built for off-road use. They also produce a kid-sized version of the Grunt that they call the Runt.

Dealers from Canada to Paraguay have submitted preorders for the Stag.Volcon

We’re stoked to see the production Stag, which on paper looks like a very rad machine, especially with its impressive 100-mile range. The not-so-impressive MSRP of $39,999 does not seem to be scaring off dealers, judging from their high volume of preorders, which paints a rosy picture for the rig.

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