Volkswagen’s Off-Road Concept Vehicle Based on the ID.4 GTX

The EV called the “ID Xtreme” was made to show off how much the ID.4 can be modded.

The ID Xtreme concept shows just what is capable with the ID.4 GTX.Volkswagen

Volkswagen just unveiled a new concept vehicle, the ID Xtreme. The new off-road take on the ID.4 GTX electric vehicle shows off how easily the ID.4 GTX can be modified, and proves that sometimes a standard grocery getter can be a capable trail rig with the right parts.

For the build, Volkswagen added a high-performance rear motor that pushes the total horsepower to 382 and converts the car from FWD to AWD. While this is the only mod not available to be installed at home, the rest of the build is composed of decently easy-to-get parts.

Depending on consumers’ reactions, we might see the ID Xtreme make it to production.Volkswagen

Starting with off-roading essentials, the ID Xtreme gets bigger wheels and tires. To fit the larger tires, the fender flare has widened 2 inches. For protection, it gets a front bumper and a full aluminum skid plate to protect the battery pack. And finally, a light bar for more visibility at night and just to fit in with the rest of the off-road/rally community.

What comes next for the ID Xtreme is unknown, but Volkswagen says that it will monitor consumers’ reactions to the concept and decide what to do from there. If we’re lucky, we might be seeing these roll off of an assembly line.

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