Shauno’s “Sooty 2.0” Comes to Life

The 4WD 24/7 star’s dream 80-Series Land Cruiser build is finally complete.

Sahuno’s Sooty 2.0 lives.YouTube / 4WD 24/7

There are a lot of Land Cruiser builds out there, but there’s only one “Sooty.” Or at least, there was—until 4WD 24/7′s Shauno tore down his beloved Toyota and rebuilt it as “Sooty 2.0.” After a string of videos documenting the process, the 80-Series Land Cruiser project finally lives, breathes, and is ready to hit the Aussie tracks. Since we can’t be there ourselves, the latest 4WD 24/7 video gives us a good look at this beast of a rig.

Anyone who has been following the 4WD 24/7 crew for the last few years knows what a fantastic machine Sooty is. As capable of tackling the brutal Australian off-road trails in the hands of Shauno as it was breaking in spectacular fashion, the truck always managed to steal the show and our hearts. With the vehicle in dire need of some heavy work, Shauno and the guys cut their losses and gave the Cruiser a new life as Sooty 2.0. From a new shell to a new engine to new suspension and everything in between, the new Sooty is just like the old Sooty, only better.