UTV Driving Mistakes & Tips To Avoid Them

Learn what not to do when driving a UTV.

Don’t be this guy.Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Driving a UTV is like a lot of things: It will come easily to some and not so easily to others. With horsepower figures creeping ever upward, the chances of big consequences from beginner mistakes is high. Even experienced drivers will shun some of what they have learned to show off from time to time, so the video is worth watching even if you have a bunch of miles under your belt. In this video, Eric of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC discusses some of the most common mistakes inexperienced and experienced drivers tend to make and gives tips on how to avoid them.

The mistakes:

  1. Being overconfident.
  2. Doing donuts.
  3. Having body parts hanging outside of the vehicle.
  4. Going off alone without letting someone know where you are going.
  5. Not understanding when to be in what drive mode.

Check out this short, well-put-together video to hear Eric’s solutions to these mistakes.

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