Watch the Polaris Ranger Kinetic Run Tough Recovery Missions

The second episode of Polaris’ “To the Test” video series shows the electric UTV in action with the Diesel Brothers.

The 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic helps the Diesel Brothers recover a long-stuck bulldozer.Polaris

The Diesel Brothers made a name for themselves with a Discovery Channel reality show about their diesel pickup customizing business. The show, called “Diesel Brothers,” hasn’t been without controversy, but the two Daves have been going strong for seven seasons, and have parlayed the Discovery Channel success into the Heavy D Sparks YouTube channel, which has almost 2.5 million subscribers. Like any solid business, the Diesel Brothers brand has recently diversified—in this case, that means they’ve started taking on complicated recoveries.

The 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic quickly assuaged the Diesel Brothers’ concerns about range and real-world horsepower.Polaris

That’s where the 2023 Polaris Ranger Kinetic comes in. Heavy D admits they were skeptical about using an electric vehicle as a recovery mission support rig. Range and real-world horsepower anxiety were at the top of the list of concerns, but Sparks says the Ranger XP Kinetic quickly outperformed expectations.

Kiley said they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Kinetic’s absolute lack of required maintenance, in addition to the potential durability of the electric powertrain. There’s no oil to change in the Kinetic, and the powertrain is solid state and entirely sealed off from the elements. That gives the rig a huge leg up over gas-powered machines when your business means you can’t avoid getting filthy.

Check out the Diesel Brothers video spot here, and stay tuned for the next video in the “To the Test” series.

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