MORR Brings the Heavy-Duty Wrecker to SEMA

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery gives the project its first public appearance.

The heavy-duty wrecker finally shows its face in public.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery / YouTube

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is working up one of the most exciting projects in recent memory with their heavy-duty wrecker build. The custom-built, four-wheel-drive tow rig is designed to extract heavy 4x4s from precarious situations on the trail, and it’s an incredible-looking machine. MORR has been documenting the build for us to watch and it’s finally getting toward the last stages. With the wrecker nearly completed, the crew took to this year’s SEMA show to display the truck for the first time.

SEMA gets a lot of flack for hosting a wide array of vehicles displaying truly tasteless modifications, but there’s always something exciting that makes an appearance. This year, that reveal was the heavy-duty wrecker that Matt’s Off-Road Recovery has been putting together. In a recent video, the MORR team gets some last-minute work done on the project then brings it out to Las Vegas for the event. It’s a fun video with a ton of exciting moments, though seeing Ed sign autographs is absolutely the highlight.

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