CVT 101 With Polaris

Want to know how a CVT works? Polaris has you covered.

A CVT gearbox in action.YouTube

If you’ve spent any time wondering how the CVT, or continuously variable transmission, on your side-by-side works, you’re not alone. Even if you’ve found yourself replacing a belt trailside, you may not know exactly how the bits and pieces fit together, or why. For most of us, what happens behind that ubiquitous plastic cover is a mystery. The people at Polaris are out to shed some light on the CVT with the company’s latest Shop Talk video. In it, product expert Pat McArdle walks us through the basics, including the primary and secondary clutches as well as the belt itself. We even get a neat glimpse at the CVT in action without its cover in place.

Polaris also takes some time to talk about how it’s worked to improve its CVT design over the years, resulting in longer belt life and a more refined driving experience.

While not every side-by-side relies on a CVT to get down the trail, the belt-driven gearbox has become nearly ubiquitous. Little wonder, as they can deliver smooth power while handling everything from towing heavy loads to scrambling up rock climbs. Check out the video below.

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