See the Electric Ranger Kinetic Quietly Creep Across the Land

Hosts of Driven TV, Pat and Nicole Reeve take a preproduction Ranger XP Kinetic out on the land to silently hunt fowl.

Polaris says you can get your equipment closer to the hunt with the Polaris Ranger Kinetic.Polaris

On the first episode of the new To The Test series from Polaris we see an excellent use case for the new Ranger XP Kinetic. Hosts of Driven TV, Pat and Nicole Reeve go on a turkey hunt in a preproduction Kinetic and show just how close they can get to their prey with the electric side-by-side’s quiet operation. Pat says that the Kinetic has taken his hunting to a whole new level, allowing him to get to places they couldn’t walk to and doing it quietly. Nicole emphasizes just how much equipment they have to carry, from their camera gear, hunting blind, and firearms, and how it all fits in the Ranger. We’ve long said a utility rig is ideal for getting into the backcountry, and it looks like the electric Ranger keeps that tradition going.

While most people are still avoiding the EV craze, it is hard to refute just how good the EV Ranger is as a hunting rig and as a UTV overall. If not having a loud gasoline engine to scare off your target isn’t enough of an advantage for you, there are other perks to consider. Polaris estimates that between fuel and maintenance costs you will save $3,500 over the course of five years of ownership. Also with 45 miles of range on the Premium model and 80 miles on the Ultimate, you will have plenty of juice to get you in and out of your hunt with all or your gear and none of the noise.

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