Speed UTV Out Playing on Public Roads

Looks like the road testing is in full swing with a track and town day.

Speed UTV El Jefe stunting during a track day.Speed UTV

Speed UTV has two new videos showing its El Jefe model ripping around on tarmac and taking advantage of supermarket parking lot snow piles. This is the long-awaited UTV from Robby Gordon’s company. El Jefe sits at the top of the Speed UTV catalog with four seats and a $41,999 price tag.

In the first video a preproduction El Jefe gets its neck wrung around the Speed UTV HQ parking lot track. Gordon even puts it on two wheels, showing off his deft vehicle control. There’s a shiny roof rack sporting a large set of auxiliary lights and a windshield helping to block the cold winter air. At the end there’s a glimpse of the massive color dashboard gauge display and a laptop crunching numbers.

The Speed UTV team breaks for lunch and hits us with a great bit of comic relief by simply dropping the tailgate on the El Jefe. This exposes a North Carolina license plate bolted to the front inner bedside. No pickup trucks needed as they UTV to lunch on public roads. The unsuspecting mall parking lot is covered in snowdrifts from recent plow work. Take your El Jefe off any sweet jumps yet?

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