SxSBlog Calls Out Cleetus and Leroy

The race would be a 1,100-horsepower RZR against a twin-turbo Corvette.

Twin Turbo Leroy The Savage vs. 1100 HP 2JZ Powered Polaris / YouTube

The internet is nothing if not a place to call people out—YouTube’s UTV and drag racing communities are no exception. In a recent video, SxSBlog challenged Garrett Mitchell, better known as YouTube star Cleetus McFarland, to a drag race. The video mainly whets our appetite for a throwdown between SXS Blog’s 1,100-horsepower “2JP” Polaris RZR (powered by a turbocharged Toyota Supra 2JZ engine) and Cleetus’ “Leroy,” a car that started life as a Chevrolet Corvette and is now a twin-turbo-powered drag build.

This sounds like a perfect way to have harmless fun that doubles as excellent entertainment. Yet that’s not how things tend to go with the SxSBlog guys and Cleetus. In the video, the SxSBlog crew packs up and heads to Cleetus’ palace in Florida, getting us excited for what’s to come. There’s a Ram 1500 TRX giveaway at the end of the video, too, so be sure to check out the whole thing and start placing your bets. This could be a showdown for the ages.

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