Watch SXSBlog Put Even Bigger Tires on Its 2JZ-Powered RZR

The 1,300 hp Polaris RZR gets bigger tires, more power, and wild speed.

Bigger tires. 1,300 hp. Speed that shouldn’t even be

SXSBlog recently found out its astonishing record for fastest side-by-side from 0–60 time was matched by an unnamed person. SXSBlog staffers had set a mark of 1.78 seconds in their awesome and terrifying 1,300 hp, turbo 2JZ–powered Polaris RZR, but they’ve been one-upped. Second-best isn’t good enough, so in their usual fashion, the blog made it a mission to set a new record. What’s the solution to making the fastest UTV in the world even faster? Well, more traction is a good start. Specifically, a set of 14-paddle, Kevlar-lined Bigger Digger tires.

The RZR doing what it does best: slingin’

The crew managed to get some pretty nice shots of the machine slinging dirt nearly 100 feet and showing just how much grip these tires have. At one point, the Polaris RZR slung so much mud and was so fast that dirt was still raining down on the film crew when the machine turned around to head back to the strip’s starting line.

Rick Spencer of SXSBlog next to the tires for

What we’re really wondering, though, is how the machine actually performed. Sadly, due to the lack of a decent strip of dirt to test on and below-freezing temperatures that toughened the ground, the blog didn’t break the new record. That said, they still managed to get a 2.09-second 0–60 time on their second attempt—almost an entire second faster than a 2022 C8 Corvette. Mind-blowing. All we know right now is that under the right conditions, this machine will drop more jaws than it already has.

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